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The Hidden Price for Innovation

In a world that seems to be a whirlpool of daily changes in everything for everybody (not all beneficial, mind you!) there is a word, a concept, and a slogan at the same time that shines through like an all-mighty beacon of everybody’s hope for…

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Not Being “Normal”

Right from the dictionary: Normal (as a word AND concept) is related to Norm.  Norms describe and enforce “what is accepted” by a vast majority.  Norms confer individuals a safety net of acceptance from the group if and only if the person complies with them…

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The soft side of innovation

 It’s the Era of Innovation: everybody claims it, loves it, and wants it.  Presumably the competition has reached the point where old tricks like location, advertising, cost structure or branding can no longer ensure the peace of mind and wallet of shareholders. Technology is the…

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