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The Game of Reference Letters

One rather annoyed colleague asked me about the real need and purpose of reference letters in the recruiting process especially given the fact that people who are looking for a new job cannot expect or rely on the goodwill of their current or past employers….

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Over Qualified

“We are impressed by your experience and abilities, but we have chosen another candidate.  The reason is that your experience and abilities surpass our requirements.”  I have quoted almost literally from a real and frequent response nowadays. Have you already received such an answer?  If…

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“Suntem impresionati de experienta si abilitatile dumneavoastra, dar am ales alt candidat.  Motivul este ca experienta si abilitatile dumneavoastra depasesc cu mult cerintele noastre.”  Am citat aproape textual dintr-un raspuns real si frecvent din zilele noastre. Ati avut parte deja de acest raspuns?  Daca da,…

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