Amalia Lungu,
Project Manager

Gifted people who know how to tap into people’s potential and (seemingly) efortlessly develop it are rare. Dani Cretu is one of them.
When I met Dani, I had just been promoted junior project manager in a new division in Bancpost and she was to be the manager of that division. I was new and (fairly) innocent to the project management game but in a few months not only did Dani bring to the surface the project manager “material” in me but also taught me what a GOOD project manager is.
During my career as a project manager I have met a lot of project managers and many project management styles and I can say in my all honesty that working with Dani was my chance to become a good one. The guidance she gave me has been invaluable; she helped me navigate the rough terrains, held me up when I was down and cheered me on when I was on a roll – and all this with much humor! But first and foremost she kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself – without reservation – above all.
For me and for many other people Dani has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. These are not only traits of a great manager, people “reader”, leader, you name it, but also of a true professional and, why not, personal coach that can change lives and make the difference.

Sorina Donisa,
CEO APT Resources & Services

I had the opportunity to work with Daniela on a project whose scope was increasing efficiency of one of our internal processes.
During the project she was not only a consultant but we felt that she was part of the team demonstrating a clear understanding of our processes, and very important, was quickly embraced by the people, who had previously been concerned about the idea of having someone coming in to “tell us how to do things”.
During the collaboration she demonstrated extremely strong communication and organizational skills, her experience and knowledge in process management added greatly to the success of our project.
Her suggestions were insightful and realistic to implement and I would highly recommend her services to any company.”

Christian Simpson,
Faculty Member for Professional Coaching,
John Maxwell Team

Balanced characters, able to offer empathy, attention, vision, as well as
top level insights and solutions, are the hardest to find. Daniela is one of these characters.
Throughout my extensive, international experience as an advocate for people leadership, personal development and professional coaching, I have been faced with countless combinations of personal and professional skills, each unique and valuable. However, balanced characters, able to offer empathy, attention, vision, as well as top level insights and solutions, are the hardest to find.
Daniela is one of these characters, displaying both the personal traits required from a personal development and coaching specialist, along with the experience and visionary approach that awards top leaders and business consultants with a thorough overview and deep understanding of even the most complex situations.
I personally vouch for Daniela’s ability to deliver top value services and assistance to those looking for solutions in her area of expertise, be it coaching, leadership or business advisory.