About me

A coach. Another one?!
On my enthusiastic and new path to the moment I could label myself as “coach”, I have discussed with various people the progress I recorded towards this new profession.

A coach? – they repeated. But what is a coach?
So I kept stating on a neutral tone the almost classic definition of the coach profession – via Wikipedia or ICF (International Coaching Federation ).
Aha…. And I could see how their politeness or friendship prevented them from verbally expressing their doubt that this profession would be viable and useful. Maybe they are right – only until now, I hope.

Lots of them would never (were it to be true) admit that they turn to advice, recommendations, counseling or non-standard therapies delivered by any person outside their family and circle of friends. And even less people would think that the above might be delivered for a price.

It is even less probable that some would consider themselves football, movie or political stars and thus welcome the idea of a “personal adviser”. It is also very true that few of us would admit openly and without emotional stimulents that we have ever haunting issues to which our own answers refuse to appear.

The reality we live or accept for lack of something better tames both our expectations and reactions. We are all the result of a string of circumstances, factors, relationships and experiences that implicitly and unconsciously add diopters to the eyeglasses we may not feel or see but are nonetheless sitting on our nose.

A coach could be an ophthalmologist that fixes new contact lenses or forces our retina, crystalline or pupil to see and understand our life differently – the life we draw by initiative or inertia. A coach could be a lighthouse – that helps various seafarers with demagnetized compasses to regain their own desired coordinates. A coach could be a mature child that asks questions sometimes irritating by their paradox or novelty to adults that consider they know everything even if they didn’t try or live everything.

Another coach?  Why not? See the survey below …

– Survey pool:  2,165 coaching clients from 64 countries –

  • 80% of coaching clients report positive change in work performance, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and relationships
  • 82.7% of coaching clients check “very satisfied”
  • 96.2%  would repeat coaching under same circumstances
  • Median return of 3.44 times the investment.

So yes, another coach. This time a John Maxwell Team member.