What IF .. WE hire our Managers?

Let’s imagine you have reached a magic realm where subordinates select their managers instead of the “normal and tedious and painful even” way used in our daily professional lives…

Like a coach I will ask several questions and leave you the time and space to fill in the answers :)

What would the job advertisement look like?  Where would it be promoted?  Would you like to attract people from all over the world (for diversity sake) or just plain natives?  Would you specify the gender or leave this option open?  Would there be an age limit – not older/younger than…?  Would you like to see the applicants’ pictures attached to their resumes or we would not care so much about physical appearance?

I can tell your imagination already went wild as you probably have recalled your own experiences during one or more recruitment processes…  I can almost feel the bitterness of your frustrations when you were rejected for any one of the reasons above…  However do not let this interfere with the serious recruitment of your own manager.

On the professional side which requirements would be eliminatory, required, or simply desirable?  Would experience in the specific industry or company be decisive or would you prefer a broader view and insights coming from an outsider?  Would technical proficiency count more than people management expertise?

We are not done yet.  How about the trendy people skills?  How much would you care if your potential manager knew how to talk, behave, and support the team?  Would negotiation and conflict resolution count more than fairness and ethics?  How would you rate the candidates’ decisiveness and prioritization skills?

Tiresome exercise, right?  And now slowly wake up.  I will leave you to draw your own conclusions and remember that they may very well be quite applicable not only in the fantasy land but also in your daily encounters with managers – you know, the ones that have recruited you.

Just a quick note on this group coaching:

On top of the list of requirements you chose to impose I would urge you to leave there some room for four key features – respect, trust, vision, and leadership.  In my opinion, these can and do make all the difference in the world.