At least once a year it’s holiday time.  Young and not so young, financially relaxed or not quite, enthusiastic or stressed out – it’s high time we left “home”.  In the mountains or at seaside, towards any direction, by various transportation means, to different kinds of accommodation and entertainment, with various companions and many expectations to relax, enjoy, amuse, calm down and refill the physical, psychological and emotional batteries.

No matter the destination, budget or duration holidays have a common purpose.  To extract ourselves from the daily routine, to experiment new ways of behaving and believing, to break monotony, to meet other people, to feel with all our senses other vistas, aromas, sounds.  For spicing up our lives are ready and willing to give up the comfort of our homes and a significant part of our budgets.

Travels reflect the inherent conflict of human nature:  on one hand the need for predictability of daily routines, on the other hand the curiosity and attraction for adventure. Without sacrificing our usual safety net, travels are indeed samples of change that allow us to drift away carried out by other images, sensations, ideas, concepts and rules – adding colors to the blank spider web of our standard lives.

Travels could be considered and celebrated as a symbol of curiosity and readiness to something new and different.  There are many people whose perspectives on life and its meaning were (re)defined and enriched by a touristic itinerary, no matter how adventurous, cultural, relaxing or meditative the itinerary was.  Who knows?  Maybe your life will be improved in many ways by immersing yourself in new experiences.  This impact would probably be the most important element of the luggage coming home.  Especially if you place it gently in your life’s show case to treasure and exploit it further.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” 

Mark Twain