The Sad Legacy of Pandora

Buddhists declare that the source of suffering is people’s expectations – from their life and fate, from themselves, from the others.  In the absence of such expectations the state of zen can reign, peacefully of course.

For those who carry on their existence always crammed in a noisy, aggressive and yet hopeful arena the external pressure of society’s state is a daily annoyance.  Sometimes we are in an abstract mood and we get anxious about concepts – democracy, freedom, equality or fairness.  Most of the times however we are moving targets for the pressure and attack from super tangible aspects of daily life – health, family, work, comfort or even our savings.

We discuss, post, complain, discourage and annul our own impact on those situations or people that can still be influenced by our actions or opinions.  Personal or collective.  Pandora’s box is wide open and its punishments hover over our existence.

Hope dies last, they say.  It is the slogan and last barricade of those who believe or even worse know for a fact that there are no more means to prevent or mitigate the assault on our well being.  Tucked in the veil  of hope for hope we diminish our horizon and cut our engines.  It is the last step before a heart attack.

The real or conveniently imagined powerlessness, the apparent or confirmed loneliness, the tiny probability of a desired impact, the sad statistics of previous attempts, and the illusion that others will tackle our issues, next to or mostly after taking care of their interests.  All are reasons or even self made prophecies for relying exclusively on hope.

As a paradox the mere passive hope can make us humble, restrain our reactions, turn us into vegetables.  The primordial choice of any animal between fight and flight becomes a nonsense since hope will eventually come to the rescue – somehow sometime via somebody else.

But the energies clenched for holding on to hope can be aligned, directed and used for preventing the evil in due time.  Energies can combine with other energies and together they can build fortresses to preserve precious treasures for individuals and communities.  Energies can counter-attack and win.

While hope may well reside quietly inside Pandora’s box – to keep the meaning of mythology undisturbed.


Zeus conceived this box as punishment for Prometheus success in bringing the fire to people.  Next to cruelty, arrogance, suffering, gluttony, jealousy, hate, diseases, laziness, sadness, fear and death somehow hope managed to sneak in.  Mortals suffer still.