"Thank You"

I’m not exaggerating. We don’t know anymore to say and hear Thank You .

Words learned in childhood as proof of politeness, education, appreciation and gratitude.  Words that would confer the right to be among the members of a community in which such beautiful, elegant and polite words still mater.

It seems that at a certain moment for some this minimal proof of appreciation becomes useless, complicated, difficult and sterile.  In the often grumpy world we go through as passers-by Thank You is an investment we are very, even too careful to place.  Thank You  is a merchandise becoming rare and thus slightly bizarre.  Thank You  is interpreted as a sign of weakness.

Many times it happened to me  to be shocked by the weird effect my Thank You had on others.  Some were getting pretty jumpy considering this as a preamble to upcoming bad news. Others couldn’t even get the meaning as they were no longer accustomed to hearing it.  Some were grinning mischievously as they thought themselves as winners of some positioning game.  Others were simply losing their grip given the incredible event.

It doesn’t matter that in motivation textbooks thanks are considered a simple yet effective manner to encourage people to continue their valuable contribution.  It doesn’t matter that in contemporary pedagogy textbooks it does mention that encouraging student, regardless of their age, brings profound and positive results on longer term than semesters.  It doesn’t matter that all good manners books of all times state Thank You as one of the most important rules of civilized behavior.

It is so easy to say Thank You, words that multiply, stimulate, brighten, appreciate.  It is friendly, it is nice, and it is free.  Have we really forgotten to say Thank You?