It’s gifts time!  The occasion to prove the friendship, affection and love we have for the others.  It’s an event.  One day in a full year when we all try to benefit in order to bring smiles, hugs and contentment to the others.

It is nice, no doubt about it.  Everybody is in a „hyper” state.  The ones who offer and the ones who receive gifts.

It is an event.  That is just one tiny opportunity to score – like in sports.  The event is over-discussed, over-estimated and over-photographed.

How about the rest of the days? When we don’t smile, when we are no longer surrounded by friendship and laughter, when we are tired, sad, disappointed?  When we are not photographed, we don’t dress nicely, we don’t cheer, and maybe we don’t care about ourselves and/or others.

It is the same in the professional life.  Praises are seldom; rewards are once a year (if), success comes every now and then almost incidentally.  Events have a certain calendar date assigned.

What is less visible and obvious is the process, that meandering and profound itinerary that may lead to an event.  Those daily efforts, frequent trade-offs, imperceptible plans and actions sometime minuscule. Only one day belongs to the event, the rest of days are invested in the process.  There is no event without a process preceding it – in personal or professional life.  Weddings and Christmas trees or projects and promotions.

The process is the concept, visualization, selection, planning, budgeting and advancement with small steps towards the event – that single moment of glory, satisfaction, joy, pride.  The process is a costly investment – in terms of energy, time, discipline, nerves and ambition.  It is not glamorous and most times it is not appreciated or rejoiced.  But only the process can lead to the ephemeral success, regardless of the success definition.

In sport, the long series of exhausting and private training is the process by which athletes reach the podium – which is the event thoroughly presented in media.  Around Christmas time, gifts are also “processed”: we choose the recipients, we set the budget, we choose carefully among various shops, we package them with nice paper, ribbons and greeting cards, and we place them under the tree which was set in the meantime.  The event is that delightful moment when the loved one feverishly opens the present and smiles warmly or exuberantly.  Christmas dinner is a complicated and lengthy technological process. In career, the process is almost invisible but any promotion or professional success is based on a process by which our talents, abilities and desires are the object of a process of improvement, revelation and implementation.  Only then success may appear – in the formats desired and made possible by ourselves in the process.

Success in life is not the event, it is the process by which we enrich, attempt, improve and prepare for something more valuable.  It is the ascent to the peak.

Enjoy your presents, but don’t forget about their preparation.  Good luck with your shopping!