Self esteem

There are countless books, courses, advice and web sites dedicated to self esteem.  The vast majority of people are concerned about this topic and they consider it to be a main cause for lacking satisfaction.  Self esteem has been proven scientifically to have a significant impact on physical health, results and relationships – critical elements of any personal life.

The definition is simple: emotional evaluation of own value.  If we start a text analysis of this definition we encounter two key words: emotional and value.  These two words are the foundation of the debate and dilemma of self esteem.

The emotional side does not have scientifically formulas or rules as it expresses a subjective reaction to countless circumstances and factors.  The emotional aspect swings erratically depending on the sky’s outlook, the reactions of other people, health status, our recent results and many other variables often beyond control. There are people who are stimulated by a problem and others who are crashed by the same problem.

The value is another fluid concept because nobody ever can tell what exactly is valuable for whom when and how – in spite the continuous efforts of philosophers.  What is valuable for me can very well be insignificant or even harmful for you.

So this is why our subjective self esteem becomes a leaf borne by the breezes or winds of our life.  Maybe this can explain the continuous aspiration and struggle for a “good self esteem”.  And maybe we can realize that self esteem is not the result of exterior factors; instead it is commanded by the inner self.  We could also realize that the choices we make every single moment can make us content or discontent with our selves.

One more thing: self esteem may be of great help or of considerable damage.  The dosage matters.  Too much or too little can be harmful.  Both the delusion that you are too good and the despair that you are good for nothing can be dangerous.  Perhaps the optimal dosage is dependent on our real qualities, their usage and … a little packaging?!