Sand and stone

Nowadays we are all swept by political and financial tides.  The overall noise and tantrum prevent any sense.  There are no more talks about normal ordinary life, about personal victories and defeats, about accomplishments and efforts, about families, work or life.  Every bit of media coverage is sucked into the political whirlwind, leaving a deafening silence outside the shouting and fierce statements of politicians and media.  We live under a siege of imposed thoughts concocted by the few people who play the politics game.

Leaders claim they protect and care about citizens, democracy and progress.  In fact these claims cover the deference or indifference of people whose legal income comes from our taxes.  People who were once elected to be attentive to the voice of the people and dedicated to make the people’s life standards better than before.  People who were supposed to be better equipped and eager to promote democracy and performance for everybody’s ultimate benefit.  People who do not observe the minimum standard of modern cohabitation called respect.

Nowadays we are all playing in a myopic drama and the bravest of us keep making sand castles.  Delicate, frail and momentary sand castles under the threat of waves, wind and neglect or even hate from others.  I have recently “experienced” such a sand castle: attending a gymnastics competition and exam prior to the upcoming Olympic Games.  Slender, delicate, focused and quiet gymnasts striving still for excellence in the middle of indifference and turmoil.  What a contrast with the noisy and ineffective world outside the arena!

We should all, against many odds, build our own towers of valuable stones, precious stones that would mean construction, verticality and progress.  These towers made up of personal achievements and contributions will indeed allow us to see and act farther and better.  At the end of the day, when storms disapear, these stones will be the only testimonials for whatever has been achieved – good or bad.  Civilization is about creating the vertical dimension.  Otherwise we are doomed to go around in horizontal circles bumping into perpetual “sad legacies”.  Like some unexplained and inexcusable adult toddlers.