Private Victory

Victory, achievement, podium, record, success or award … all words to describe a wonderful story in which somebody, a person or a group of people, has accomplished something better, faster or more beautiful.  A moment that decisively marks sometimes an episode sometimes the whole story of life.

A victory can be temporary or eternal, relative or absolute, famous or anonymous.  A sport record lasts until the next competition, while a scientific discovery is mentioned in the annals of humankind.  A show shines until a negative critic or the next box-office ranking, while the first 10 in Olympic Games is an absolute premiere.  Winning elections becomes the subject of countless commentators, while the anonymous victory over a disease or buying a house is discussed only with the closest friends.

Regardless of the duration, relativity or size of the audience learning about a victory its significance for the victor is important.  The victory can be a port of call beyond which more battles will be fought for the next laurels or the glorious end of a destiny.

Paradoxically there is sadness after victory.  For those who will continue the saga with no guarantees, doubts, torments and battles will be restarted.  For those who have exhausted their reservoir, victory can mean the swan song, the last act of a personal role in a play that used to be their own.

Normally there is the joy of victory.  Fleeting, sometimes contested, sometimes commended or ignored by contemporaries or “friends”.  But the joy belongs to the victor and it should warm his heart, enlighten his mind, stimulate his being for more, better faster or more beautiful.  It should elevate, launch, demonstrate, and open new bright doors of the future.

Then why we do not enjoy each victory?  Why we don’t even bother to write them in our own diary?  Why do we leave these ephemeral moments to pass by, too troubled and obsessed by the numerous defeats we come across frequently and sometimes inexplicably?

Victory is a materialized chance, an opportunity we somehow managed to bring to life, a special, rare and precious moment.  Build a virtual and intimate podium, grab your victories, big or small, many or few, famous or ignored – and award yourselves medals … for your own sake!