I don’t think there are people wanting to fail:  without any doubt the straight line between desire and success is the all time favorite.

Unfortunately our life is made out of comparable amounts of success and mistakes.  Inspirational speeches and books all praise success – the road of satisfaction.  Seldom are mistakes mentioned – mostly by comparison.  Still mistakes may have an influence not always negative:

  • Mistakes remind us that we are not perfect and we don’t have the magic key to success.  Instead they make us know ourselves better and find another route to the desired destination that would make better use of our qualities and limitations.
  • Mistakes are the effect of personal choice.  As beings endowed with the capability to analyze and decide we should cherish this ability even if it sometimes leads to failures.
  • Mistakes force us, by contrast, to acknowledge and appreciate the value of our situation prior to the moment of mistake – as precious anchor.
  • For many the feeling of frustration and shame coming out of mistakes made is a strong motivator.  The ambition to show that the mistake was just an accident and that there is the power to fix it may be a persistent source of negative energy transformed into action.

Mistakes may be interpreted as turning points on the life path, colorful blotches on the bland linear extrapolation.  Mistakes are testimonials for the exploration of the maze lying ahead of us.

Being asked about his numerous failures to design a functional light bulb, Edison declared:

“I have not failed.  I just discovered 10,000 ways that won’t work.”




Obviously we will not pray to make mistakes, but once occurred it would be interesting and useful to analyze them – without anger, frustration or despair.  Our life is made of and defined by success and failure.  And we should assume and interpret them accordingly – as they belong to us just the same.

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