Me … later

What do you want to be when you grow up? –the fierce question of adults trying to build a shy bridge of communication with kids.  And even if the answers of boys and girls busy with their toys are kept or not in the memory of witnesses, this question – uncomfortable as it is – is awaiting for our individual answer.

I have always envied the ones with a special gift that pushed their destiny with determination towards their own accomplishment: musicians, painters or upcoming techies.  In comparison it seemed unfair that the rest of seedlings should torment to discover their calling and role that would bring fulfiment.  In school, high school or college, youngsters make without much consideration decisions that limit their initial infinite options.  Often made for the contentment of the loved ones or to facilitate the very next step, these decisions are often revisited and regretted when we ponder over the question “what do you want to be – now that you are grown up?

We assess ourselves, we compare ourselves, we visualize ourselves or sometimes we give up finding our answer and accept emotionally exhausted and passive the hazard.  People are under time, said the historian and obviously our free choice has its hands tied by surrounding society.  Various dependencies accumulated in a lifetime – family, house, and pressing credits – are thistles scratching the ideal wings of total freedom.

Some look for the answer in personality or career tests, others scrutinize the future searching for a trend that will become a success.  Many discuss with friends, but the conversation quickly becomes annoying given the lack of outcome.  Destination remains an enigma for those potentially unhappy.

We are possible passengers in a train station with many platforms.  Some are forced by fate to climb in the cars; others are simply convinced by the destination attractiveness.  There are still many who wait for a sign to choose at least a platform.  Let’s not forget that any passenger should at least possess a ticket with the destination and paid price.  Otherwise he will be a stowaway and this time he only fools himself.