Just human

We would love to be faultless, invincible and perfect.  Childhood cartoons are full of characters encouraging children to believe they can someday become Super Man/Woman.  Adventure novels or computer games are populated with characters that defeat anything anytime.  The fighters make the essence of many movie scripts with cowboys, detectives or SF/historic warriors.

It is normal and worthy to wish victory, success, fame, recognition of our value.  It is normal and worthy to encourage ourselves (if others don’t) that we have all it takes to succeed.  The success of any human community, from village to the entire planet, is dependent on the success of its members.

I am fascinated by TV shows or books that air the dust of our forgetfulness or ignorance settled on achievers in various fields.  People that have reached success – for a moment (like athletes) to decades (like artists).  Their normality, decency, modesty or faults are priceless.  These encompass their humanity.  Their stories, even if taken out of their specialty or period, are true, valuable and inspirational despite the whirling pace of our daily lives that doesn’t allow the past with its merits to blend with the present.

Their success stories have always inserted in their embroidery the red line of their efforts, searches, failures, compromises, and inherent difficulties.  Nobody has the magic potion of success.  Thus it is even more wonderful the human frailty of any road to success – with good and evil, with highs and lows.

It would be superb to be able to recognize and accept the idea that we are people destined to always face sideslips, falls, doubts, errors, sacrifices.  We are not perfect, but we can walk the bumpy road to our perfection.  With breaks, mistakes, difficulties, failures and obstacles.  The same is true for the leader within us or around us who, at times, simply fails and falls.

“Failure is inevitable. Success is elusive.”

Steven Spielberg