Gold and rubble

There is a lot of talk (only!) about the crisis of values.  As if somebody, something, somewhere, somehow will save us from this apparently subtle crisis that doesn’t really torment us.  While all sorts of crises – financial, political, and social – wrap us in a twisted cape of rubble.  It is grey everywhere and the dust blurs our mind, logic and sensibility.  We seem to be stuck in a storm of rubble that doesn’t seem to get clear soon.  We feel lost and wait for the undefinable salvation.

We are so deep in the whirlwind that we don’t see, hear, and taste Values.  This abstract word, so often used by so many, can still be perceived by the impersonation of some people who still strive to be Better.  It doesn’t matter if it is about athletes or artists or researchers or performers in any field.  What matters is they are still among us and show the “road to the high society” of values.

In any contests, sports or art or science, the credo of contestants is to prove they are better than others.  In the real life without chivalrous jousts, our contemporary countrymen try using blows, screams or traps to push the others to lose, fall, crash.  As a huge sledgehammer continuously banging on the walls of lives and accomplishments of others to turn them into rubble.  That rubble that blends and states the incompetence, oblivion, ridicule and uselessness.

We, the normal and blank, live in a storm of rubble, an excellent symbol of destruction – grey, dusty, hideous and even harmful to our (mental) health.  And then how come we, the average people, can evaluate (critically, of course!) the results of the valuable winners?

We should, for our individual and collective progress, join efforts at the basis of a human pyramid to support our top achievers.  We should push ourselves and our peers to race to become better than others.  We should encourage our children to be among the top in any life path they choose.  We should build, not demolish.

Otherwise the rubble of many will always cover the gold of few.  And the collective salvation will still be late to come.