Entrepreneurship as Hope

I believe we agree that the entrepreneurship topic, addressed and publicized in various manners and styles, within various forums, conferences and organizations for or non profit, is a hot topic that may arise legit question marks from the rest of the public.  Why is this topic so discussed, analyzed and stimulated almost to exhaustion?  Why would entrepreneurship be so important for us all?  Not just locally, but also globally …

The reason I consider essential for the limitless interest for entrepreneurship is Hope.  We associate Hope for the better with the Entrepreneurship Success.

Why is that?

… Because the entrepreneur, regardless of the company size, industry or his/her biological age, is an engine.  A person who understands and acts autonomously, without the assistance from some benevolent entity.  A person who doesn’t accept the idea of status quo, but instead embraces action and free will.

… Because the entrepreneurs can satisfy those interests, needs and client segments that are unattractive for large corporations for reasons related to size, profitability or immediate potential.  And our individual desires stand to win.

…  Because the entrepreneurs lead the way to a new business model – definitely perfectible via an infusion of knowledge, but extremely valuable thanks to tenacity and endurance.  Entrepreneurs afford experiments that may one day bear fruit thus feeding the pipeline of innovation and progress, mistakes included.  The number of ideas born by entrepreneurs is way bigger than the number of original projects sponsored and especially implemented by the big corporate research laboratories.

…  Because the entrepreneurs are accompanied along their mostly solitary road by the sympathy or envy of those who cannot do the same, but would inject themselves a dose of courage even by imitating or assisting the ones who struggle in doing.

…  Because the entrepreneurs are the nursery of future corporations that may grant a chance to those barred or unhappy by the structured and efficient corporate environment.  Unorthodox thinkers may find a proper environment within the small creation laboratories of small companies that will grow thanks to their contribution now mostly ignored by corporations engaged in a military and linear march to uniformity and globalization.

And …

…  Because the story of David and Goliath still keeps alive our sympathy and hope that David will eventually win.