Elephant Slice

Every day we wake up and look at what other problems we have to solve.  Some problems are old intoxicating us with their mossy stink.  Others are “fresh” and still stand a chance to be promptly resolved.  And of course there will be some we cannot predict – plenty of problems to show up along the way!

I have reached the conclusion that the essence of management is the ability to solve problems.  If a manager does not have or readily exercise this ability awaiting for some people or favorable circumstances to provide him the solutions on a silver platter then I am inclined to conclude that the manager chair is occupied in a useless, ridiculous and even damaging manner by a low-quality actor who does not understand his role and script.

In our private life, even if at work we are obedient followers, we are de facto the managers of our own life journey.  We are judged by people based on the survival and/or success ability – which in fact is translated into the decisions we make, explicitly or implicitly.  Of course we can ask for assistance from family and friends but there are many situations in which we still need to hold both the knife and the bread.  Alone or in public.

Since I have encountered too many blockages in front of an overwhelming problem, here is a dry-humored joke I cannot forget:

–        How do you eat an elephant?

–        By slicing it!

Even if the joke is just amusing you, it is incredible how often we meet an elephant.  And how huge we see its impressive silhouette and how scary is the noise we associate with a (virtual) encounter with an awesome elephant.  We compare our meager weapons with the immensity of its shadow.  We feel dwarfed and incapable of moving, let alone killing the beast.

So many times I have encountered elephants – like you did too.  In my initial stupor I remember about the elephant slicing joke.  It’s so useful to keep handy a special elephant-slicing knife!