Dictum Meum Pactum

“My word is my bond”. Now this is a phrase that sounds so good, proper and reassuring that there is no way we wouldn’t love it. It would mean that the simplest or the most complex agreements will be carved in stone just by saying them. It is such a powerful hope that financial markets that live and thrive on monetized confidence have eagerly jumped to coin his phrase as their motto.

Wouldn’t you buy it?

It would mean so much less worries, concerns and misunderstandings.  It would mean so much less paperwork, bureaucracy and conflicts.  The world would simply be running on meaningful discussions where the resolutions will only be respected and never be misinterpreted, twisted or contested.

It would almost mean the disappearance of lawyers who actually interpret words from various contracts, bylaws and laws to defend a motivation, purpose, intention or action derived from different nuances of words.

And yet every day we meet instances where this noble phrase is thrashed with ease by just about everybody.  Our friends promising to help us with mundane or bigger problems.  Our coworkers promising to do the job decided upon in previous meetings.  Our bosses promising the workplace would be fulfilling, supporting, and rewarding.  Politicians promising the world to abused voters.  Our Public servants promising to solve our issues with diligence and fairness.  Our Governments promising to do much better than the previous ones for the ever rising wellbeing of citizens.

This issue is spiraling daily and it seems there is no end to it.  The tangible result is a regression of trust in anything surrounding us.  Our expectations about honesty and fair play seem to be doomed.  And of course we raise our shields against probable disappointments.  However this safety measure will only limit our comfort and innocence and build an obsession of not believing anything we are told.

The only perhaps meager remedy is to constantly keep our word hoping this will trigger the same reaction from our counterparts.  It’s a long shot but a human one. Shall we?