Business puzzle

There are many kinds and sizes of business: small family businesses, workshops of tens of employees around a certain craft, companies with hundreds of employees split among departments and multinationals with tens of thousands of employees located around the globe.  Industries are different: design boutiques (fashion, IT, advertising, and research labs), production sites (furniture, vehicles, computers, and food), networks of sales outlets (coffee shops, bookstores, online shops, car dealers) and the list can go on.

We all believe we are unique, probably thanks to our unique DNA.  As such we think our work place (as employees or entrepreneurs and owners) has unique and permanent features.  And thus the complexity and individuality of our daily or strategic issues cannot be compared with any example from anywhere.

And yet the known or unconscious business rules impose the shape of certain puzzle pieces.  There is always the same formula to calculate profit.  There are always the same regulations or well documented principles to recruit and stimulate the workforce.  There is always the same logic of producing low and selling high.  There are always people interested or influenced by our company (investors, employees, families and competitors).  There are always limitations of resources (time, money, skills) and daring objectives to become market leader.

We analyze our performance from within and most of the time we are not content.  We want more and better but we don’t have experts, consultants or advisors at arm’s length or fresh ideas ready to be transported from other companies or industries and applied in our company.  We are afraid to experiment new things and we become isolated inside our planet that cannot turn according to our desire.

There is good news for those who would like to safely try new approaches, ideas and experiences: the business simulator.   A risk-free manner to get into new solutions while testing our ability to generate strategic decisions based on detailed analysis of several indicators – which we may not do “at home”.  During our dynamic and relaxed collaboration with other brains and skills we may discover our revived abilities getting free from the paralysis of a single approach to obtain the desired success.

And if you would like to ascend to the level of simplifying any business down to simple puzzle pieces you will see there how the rules and the issues become clearer, simpler and easier to compare and eventually solve through other experiences.  Any business combines basically the same puzzle pieces into an object considered unique.  Let’s learn to try to combine these pieces in different ways –the surprise is worthwhile!