Always right and always wrong

I believe we live in a world tainted by a global bipolar syndrome where extremes do not attract – as the law of magnetism declares.

Each one of us takes firm sides all day every day.  We are always right and they are always wrong.

Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors.
Ludwig van Beethoven





When shopping we are convinced the merchandise is too expensive forgetting that the loathsome prices we pay add up to some other people’s salary.  And their salary will be used to pay for whatever we produce and want to sell.  The services and staffing of schools and hospitals are dependent on the taxes we hate to pay.  The careless driving that affects us every single day has something to do with the speed or parking fines we do not accept.  Even the way we eat separates us into fierce advocates: raw versus cooked, vegan versus carnivores, genetically modified versus bio.

We are always complaining about politicians and their insane laws and behavior but we still vote along the same misleading campaigns.  Bureaucracy is always a favorite target, but we all contribute to it by making enforcement of rules a cat and mouse game.  Religion is another subject we all have too strong arguments for or against.  Vices are treated differently depending on the subject: smoking is the modern Satan that should be not only banned but burned at stake, while other vices or capital sins are quietly shoved under the carpet.  Animals are also a touchy topic where some people absolutely adore pets while others (or sometimes the same) shoot wild animals without any limit, reason, or remorse.

Companies are also split into big greedy corporations and feeble yet honest small businesses.  Lenders and borrowers collide; intermediaries are hated by producers. And buyers complain about anything.  Employees are drastically separated into management and blue collars and every single working hour they are reminded to behave accordingly.

The Earth itself is divided along painful yet undeterred borders.  Religion, war, habitat, natural resources, refugees, poverty, immigration, nationalism, and the list is so long it can embrace the equator.  All these topics create in fact millions of virtual ghettos in which everybody is trapped.

Somehow we lost the point of being stuck together on this tiny blue planet and so we fight worthless battles against the rest of the world.

If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.
John F. Kennedy





Otherwise we will get lost in myriads of discrimination criteria.  Our angers and frustrations lead nowhere without the wisdom to find fair solutions.  Good and bad, black and white, us and them: let’s agree we disagree and get a life together at least until we colonize other planets and start a new history of drawing borders.