A tree of reason

Is there anybody in the world that does not feel affected directly or indirectly (as observers) in the refugee/immigrants waves hitting the gates of Europe?

There is hardly any topic nowadays in any European country (inside or outside the European Union) that is so hotly debated by virtually anybody.  Governments, NGOs, cities and villages, and common folks watch, comment or decide on what should be done where, by whom and in what way.  The rest of the world, on any continent of any religion, observe and give advice or sometimes money to prevent or influence this hot potato for their own interests of humanitarian, anti-terrorist, political, or even economical nature.

Impactful labels like humanitarian disaster, cultural clash, social conflicts, and civilization crash are being flashed on media and private conversations.  Everybody seems to have an opinion even if not involved in solving it or being engulfed into the ominous torrents of desperate people looking for a safe or better life in a pre-conceived dreamland … if accepted.

As I have recently become interested in the decision making process (and working on writing a book on this topic) I try my individual best to sift through the puff and mirrors to observe how do our elected representatives decide on this international issue of historical impact on many generations living in many continents.

Do they have enough information to cover all the aspects of the issue? Do they use any resource available to generate alternative solutions?  Are they aware that in this particular case, as in many others, the solutions need to address several domains?  Will they address topics like the fairness and sustainability of the solutions, their social and economical impact, derived potential threats, and even political grounds in this fluid world?

Will they fully cover the fact that consequences need to be ascertained, risks should be carefully managed and hopefully mitigated, and costs of so many kinds should be estimated and assumed?

I wonder: did any decision making body involved in this crisis undertake the classical analytical method of drawing and filling in a reasonable, balanced, and future-oriented decision tree?