Our Own Glass

In the free market economy under crisis, many current but mostly ex employees seek a new job.  It’s tough, and it gets tougher and tougher.  But since we have no other option we have to get better equipped for this marathon with many contestants and few winners.

We unfortunately have a natural tendency to discount ourselves – especially if we are unlucky to be unemployed.  We dig our own burrow to hide, desperate and disoriented for not having a job.  We also have friends and colleagues and relatives that help us digging with their comments, sympathetic, critic or so-called stimulating.  The job becomes the dominant ghost of each hour – whether awake or asleep.

So we see ourselves as an empty, cracked, undesirable and useless glass.  In order to win the marathon of the wanted job we must fill in our own glass.  Dale Carnegie once said:  „Self pity is not just a waste of energy; it is also the worst possible habit.”

1. Belief in our own value

Let’s analyze our glass: what is it made of?  What experiences, expertise, testimonials, accomplishments have contributed to the making of the glass?  What have we been good at, where have we excelled, what contributions have we brought to our firms, colleagues, people in our lives?  Can’t you draw a list of your pluses?  If you write it down, this history of your own successes will blast the burrow you are hiding in overwhelmed by your minuses and will stop you from digging further.

2. Winner attitude

And if we succeeded in appreciating our glass, wouldn’t it be cool to feel good about ourselves?  We were the designers and the makers of this glass.  It is ours and it is unique.  And we can easily use it further for various circumstances and opportunities that will occur.  Our glass is as useful as any other containers.  It doesn’t lack any functionality.  It could also be even more valuable than others in various events.  All we need to do is to find those favorable events.

3. Image

In the labor market, candidates are products that employers see, evaluate, compare, sometimes test and eventually purchase.  To maximize the chances, the product must be presented in the best light, best package, best „user manual”, best advertising.  In one word – image.  The image must be truthful, authentic and honest.  It must reflect the real features and also to stir the interest of the employers.

4. Action

Of course action is the decisive element!  All the above were just preparations for the contestant.  But he needs to find out when and where the race is scheduled, its length and obstacles, what physical condition is required … and to be present at the starting line – with faith in the value of the glass and the will to succeed.  Only during the race the winner will be decided.  And if there will be others winning, just keep trying again and again.  Benjamin Franklin is encouraging: „The energy and persistence conquer all things.”


And if I managed to convince you to appreciate your own glass, please be warned: self esteem does not replace the skills needed for a job.  It just leads them to a better usage.