“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.”




This quote has been labeled as funny by a specialized site.  However after the first moments of smile I have seen a lot of seriousness and wisdom in its uncommon phrasing.

Firstly the quote refers only to an ambitious person who wants to reach a certain objective of behavior, status or respectability in spite its unclear expression.  As we all know not everybody sets such objectives, many preferring a lax life based on “che sera sera”.  Striving to reach an objective is not mandatorily included in the program.

Secondly we can envisage the personification of that Somebody considered worthy to be followed or imitated.  We are always surrounded by people whose moral, financial or behavioral features can be evaluated as special and beneficial to our lives.  It can be parents, relatives, friends, educators, colleagues or people beyond our normal reach: personalities in various fields, and historical, literary or movie characters.  Normally we record and gather reactions, values or results that are precious to us by learning, inspiring or just living.  We take these valuables on board and we wish that maybe sometime somehow we would at least partially be like these human ideals.

Thirdly the personal ideal is in fact a “moving target” that keeps getting farther, fuzzier or less attractive as time goes by.  As we ripe our intelligence and gather wisdom from our own events, the initial models of childhood, teenage, youth and (why not) adulthood change their attraction levels.  Life changes us and our ideals.  If once upon a time Superman was everything we wanted to be, now we reach out for the stars of business, sports, culture or spirituality.  His cartoon costume is replaced by the scene costumes of show biz divas, corporate logos of famous CEOs or the pleas and actions of inspirational leaders.

Changing the content of the ideal is normal and even beneficial.  Today’s grown-ups are different from yesterday’s children.  We have changed our activities, aspirations, relationships, priorities and interests.  And we will keep changing them throughout the trip of life.  The only positive constant key is to pursue an ideal of Somebody – in whatever shape or form it may be ….