The leader’s team

The demise of a prime minister: frequent reality in crisis. Changing top managers: a reality independent of crisis. Changing football coaches: a blank reality.

The leader is the flag carrier, the main pleader for his own solution, the recipient of external reactions and also the responsible person for the team and its result. Sometimes he is even the scapegoat for others.

The leader must bring victory. He must provide trust, tangible hope of success and benefits for others. His personality, competence, charisma and vision are vital for the success probability.

On the other hand no leader can act alone. His message is carried out through his team. His trusted team, his inner circle of disciples that packages the vision and transforms it into reality. The value of this team determines the achievable potential of the leader.

The team is selected by the leader based on skills, values and commitment. The leader must observe that his team doesn’t deviate for the agreed direction. This inner circle defines the leader’s performance.

In politics, the demise of the prime minister implies the fall of the entire government. In corporations, new executives usually replace many of their existing subordinates. In football, coaches come and go, but the team stays the same. Which alternative is better, fairer and more efficient?