Special dedication to my colleagues

1000 – what a beautiful, round and decisive number! ONLY 1000 is the number of Founding Partners of John Maxwell Team. And a lot depends on them…
The 1000 Founding Members represent 45 countries of the world, from Singapore, Kenya, Barbados, Belgium, Mauritius, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Holland, Vietnam, Argentina, etc, etc and of course United States. Romania too.

Well, yes, I am a colleague and friend with the guys in the picture. We are different in so many ways: age, gender, religion, job, education, language and account balance. But we all have the same passion, drive, understanding, will, curiosity and action: to add value to our fellows by assisting them in their journey to success – as defined by each of us.

John Maxwell’s certification program is a novelty: by its theme centered on the leadership ideas and practice, by its extreme cultural diversity warmly invited to tint the universal meaning of leadership, by the extraordinary desire to share John Maxwell’s knowledge and principles with anybody anywhere.

We learned to “be rivers, not reservoirs” – not to keep the water of knowledge to ourselves, but to share it. Wonderful message in the age of individualism stirred up even more by the current economic, moral and spiritual crisis.

We learned we are a family of distinct personalities and not John Maxwell clones. We learned we must find our own message, voice and audience. Stimulating message for those striving to define their identity or enhance their self esteem.

We learned we need to touch a heart – by saying “hello” and giving help, humor, warmth, friendship, recognition and gratitude.  Great antidote to the harsh adult rules that take away each day chips of sweet chidlhood education.

Surrounded by smiles, greetings and offers I talked to engineers, IT guys, pastors, professors, teachers, top managers and business owners, marketing or HR specialists, retired people, military and financiers.

I KNOW all my colleagues and friends will passionately bring their active and positive leadership contribution at their work places, families, religious comunities, schools, professional or social work associations. See their enthusiasm in the picture and you’ll have to agree.

Thank you all for being my friends. Yours in success,
Daniela Cretu

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
John Maxwell